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You Got Married Because You Believed A Lie...

When you fell in love, my guess is that your life felt pretty amazing.

It was intoxicating to find someone who adored you, respected you, and trusted you.

They overlooked your flaws.

They couldn't keep their hands off you.

You felt like the knight in shining armor.

You figured...

"If I Marry The Right Person, We Will Always Make Each Other Happy"

So you got hitched.

And not long thereafter, things started going downhill.

You started arguing about petty things.

You started harboring some resentment towards each other.

You stopped having awesome sex.

And these days, you don't feel very much like that Knight in Shining Armor.

Now, Despite Your Best Efforts, You Just Feel Like A Failure Of A Husband

Like no matter what you do, or how hard you try, it's never good enough.

You escape into your work, video games, sports, pornography, or other activities to numb out and avoid feeling like a failure.

Your temper seems to get shorter and shorter.

Your resentment is growing.

Your partner doesn't seem to desire you anymore. 

If you're still having sex, it often feels monotonous and obligatory.

You don't really have many real friends. When you're around other men, you only talk about surface-level stuff like sports, the weather, and Marvel movies.

You don't feel respected, admired, or adored by your partner.

You feel more like roommates than lovers.

You know things need to change, or the future doesn't look good.

And if you're honest with yourself, what you really want to see change is your partner.

If she would just acknowledge you for some the good you offer to her life...

Or stop insisting that everything have to be done her way...

Or stop nagging you and criticizing you for all your flaws and imperfections...

Or complaining that the life you work so hard to provide her with isn't good enough...

Life would be a lot better.

If Your Marriage Is Struggling,
It's Not Your Fault.

Let me give you a hypothetical scenario here:

What would happen if I left you on a half-acre lot with a huge pile of lumber, cement, sheetrock, paint, and all the other supplies you needed to build your dream home and then I said...

"You have 3 months to build your dream home! Good luck!"

What would I see when I returned 90 days later?

Would the thing you built look anything like your dream home?

If you're anything like me, it probably wouldn't.

Don't get me wrong, I would have built something... but it would NOT be my dream home.

But not being able to singlehandedly and flawlessly build your dream home from the ground up in 90 days without any help, guidance, or support doesn't mean there's something wrong with you...

(And it's certainly not the house's fault that it doesn't match the vision you had in your mind when you first started pouring the foundation...)

Most of us simply lack the skills and the instructions to complete a project like that by ourselves!

Do you see the analogy here?

Your relationship is no different!

The truth is...

Anyone has the power to create their dream relationship!

You Can't Build Something Beautiful If You Haven't Been Given The Right Tools, Skills, Or A Plan.

A successful marriage isn't something you can just make up as you go along...

"Husbanding" isn't an innate skill set that the fortunate few are born with...

And a great marriage is not something for the couples who just happen to luck out and stumble upon their soulmate...

Creating an Epic Marriage is a skill you must learn and master!

Some people want to learn the slow, painful way... through their own lived experience.

(If that's the road you want to take, this program is not for you.)

For everyone else, I've created the Epic Husband's Experiment.

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The Fastest Way To Get The Tools, Skills, And Blueprint For A Successful Marriage

The Epic Husband's Experiment is a 3-month program designed to help husbands enhance their very best skills, and improve in the areas that need a little work.

Most men are constantly seeking reassurance.

Initially, their primary source of validation is their wives.

If they don't get the reassurance and reinforcement they need voluntarily...

They will often resort to anger, intimidation, pouting, the silent treatment, emotional withdrawal, and other manipulation tactics to get their wives to:

❌ Reassure them with sex...

❌ Pepper them with coerced compliments and praise...

❌ Give in to their demands as a sign of respect...

And if they can't get what they need from their wives, they turn to things like work, video games, sports, church, alcohol, drugs, or even porn.

An Epic Husband does not get his needs met by manipulating or intimidating their partner.

And he doesn't get it by trying to fill his inner void with counterfeits.

He derives his sense of fulfillment and purpose by embodying honorable values, like:

✅ The courage to stop running from his inner demons and face them in order to become a better man. 

✅ The humility to surround himself with other men who will call him forward to be his best self, and lovingly call him out when he's not honoring his commitments.

✅ The wisdom to learn to manage his negative emotions so he does not hurt those around him.

✅ The integrity to align his actions with his words, and strive to clean up the resulting mess when he breaks a commitment.

If this sounds like the kind of man you want to become, keep reading.

Here's how it works:

A hand-selected group of 6-10 men will work together with me over the course of 3 months.

Every week we will have a 90-minute group call wherein you will:

  1. Learn about the specific value or principle we will strive to embody that week
  2. Learn to give and receive support by sharing your observations, experiences, and yes, feelings with other men
  3. Make clear and specific commitments to yourself and the group that you will be expected to honor before the next meeting

You will also be added to a private Marco Polo group where you can connect with other Husbands throughout the week, share your experiences, get support, and create meaningful friendships.

And finally, you will get 1 year of access to my membership program, Epic Marriage Club, to equip you with tons of additional resources, and continued connection with me.

After this 3-month experience, you'll have the tools to:


Express Emotions

Express your emotions and feelings without coming across as weak or insecure so you can connect deeply with your partner in ways you never thought possible.


Manage Conflict

Manage conflict without shutting down, or losing your temper so you can stop feeling the heavy weight of tension, and walking on eggshells in your relationships.



Communicate your wants and needs without coming across as demanding or insensitive so you can finally get your needs met in your reltionship.



Connect more deeply with your partner emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and sexually so you don't have to seek out unfulfilling, counterfeit love.



Experience your partner's big emotions and respond without getting swept up in them so you can feel less anxious and overwhelmed with your feelings.



Regain your internal confidence and stop seeking approval and validation from your partner so you can find your fulfillment by living in integrity with yourself.

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Here's Everything You Get When You Join The Epic Husband's Experiment

Kickoff DayWe'll kick off this program with a full day of virtual training starting from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. You'll get to meet the other men participating, and we'll lay a groundwork for the next 3 months together.

✅ 3 Months of Coaching, Teaching, and Community - Everyone needs time where they can practice new skills and behaviors in a safe and supportive space so they can develop and grow into a master of their craft (in this case, love). That's what this time is for.

✅ Weekly Group Teaching and Coaching Calls - Every week we'll meet on Zoom. These calls are designed to be the pillar of your week. You'll get the opportunity to learn new skills, connect with other men, hold others accountable and be held accountable yourself, and get coaching on how to be the best husband you can be.

✅ Private Marco Polo Group - Community is important. But I know you're busy, (and you probably hate social media). We will have a private Marco Polo group where we can talk to one another and stay connected throughout the week. (Marco Polo is a video-messaging app for your smartphone.)

✅  Executive Reading List - I've curated a list of impactful books and resources to help you continue to grow and improve on your journey to becoming the most Epic Husband you can be.


Join The Next Round of the Epic Husband's Experiment

We start the 3rd week of March 2022 with a virtual kickoff on March 19th.

After that, we'll meet weekly (we'll coordinate a time that works best for our small group).

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Who Is This For?

If you're still not clear whether or not the Epic Husband's Experiment is the right program for you, that's ok. Not every program is a good fit for every person.

So, let me help you figure out if applying is a good move for you or not.

The Epic Husband's Experiment ISN'T the right fit for you if:

❌  You're in the middle of a divorce, or you're separated from your partner. This is a relationship-strengthening program, not a keep-my-wife-from-leaving-me program.

❌  You're not coachable. If you're unwilling to do hard things, be held accountable for your mistakes, or take responsibility for your words, actions, and emotions, this is not a good program for you.

❌  You can't prioritize an hour every single week to attend our live coaching calls.

The Epic Husband's Experiment IS the right fit for you if:

  You're a classic "Nice Guy" and believe the only way to have a happy marriage is to put your partners needs and wants above your own.

✅  You feel overwhelmed by your negative emotions (like frustration, disappointment, loneliness, neglect, exhaustion, etc.) and they often get communicated as anger, or emotional withdrawal.

✅  You feel like a failure as a husband and/or father. Whenever you try, it's not good enough. And if you don't try at all, it's even worse. 

✅  Your sex life is lackluster. (You're not having enough sex. The sex you're having isn't good sex. Or you don't find yourself wanting sex at all anymore.)

  You don't have close male friends with whom you talk about real life issues.

  When your marriage (or life) gets hard, your coping mechanism is to "just deal with it" by shoving the emotions down, or ignoring them until they explode sometime in the future as an eruption anger, sadness, or another emotion.

✅  You love your partner, but you don't really like them very much these days.

✅  You keep having the same stupid arguments over and over, and you're getting tired of it.

✅  Your marriage isn't great, but it's not a disaster. But if you don't shift things now, you can see the writing on the wall... things will probably get worse.

✅  You have a partner who blames you for every bad thing that happens in your relationship.

✅  You tend to blame your partner for every bad thing that happens in your relationship.

✅  You're ready to be the kind of husband and father that deep down you really want to be.

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About Nate

Hi, I'm Nate Bagley.

If you haven't met me, I think it's important that you get to know who I am before we decide to work together.

I'm a marriage educator and coach. I specialize in helping individuals obtain the tools, principles, and resources they need to remodel their relationships and get out of that dreaded Roommate Syndrome.

When I first started in this line of work, it was out of necessity. I was a single guy who really wanted to get married and start a family.

But all of my relationships were ending in awkward breakups.

Then, my ex-girlfriends would go on to marry the next guy who came along.

It was obvious that I was the common denominator in these relationship failures...

That meant I had some work to do.

So, I quit my job and went on a cross-country road trip to interview as many madly-in-love couples, marriage therapists, authors, and relationship researchers as I could find.

I wanted to discover the secrets that gave some people super-happy relationships, while the rest of the world seems to barely get by (if they're lucky).

I learned a lot on that journey, and met some pretty incredible people.

And, it turns out I am not naturally gifted at relationships. As a matter of fact, I tend to make all the wrong choices... even when it feels like I'm doing what's right.

And this is where I learned one of my most valuable lessons:

"If you are not willing to be a fool, you can't become a master."
-Jordan Peterson

So over the last decade, I've embraced being a fool.

I've spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars reading books, going to therapy, and attending workshops where I was the only non-therapist in the room.

I've learned what makes marriages work from the very best in the world.

I've attended The Gottman Institute's Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings. They are the premiere evidence-based relationship research organization in the world.

I've been trained on the nuances of desire and sex by Dr. Emily Nagoski.

I've learned about cultivating sexual health and stopping unwanted sexual behaviors from thought leaders like Doug Braun-Harvey, David Ley, and Marty Klein.

I've been trained by Dr. Kristin Neff on cultivating self-compassion.

And I've spent countless hours interviewing, conversing with, and picking the brains of some of the top relationship experts in the world.

After over a decade of research, and countless hours pouring over the best information the world's relationship experts have to offer, I've put together a program for men I wish I'd had back before I got married.

I'm in this because I want to see you and your marriage get better.

But here's the deal: I can't want it more than you!

So, if you're committed and willing to match my enthusiasm and desire to help you become the best husband you can be, I want you in this program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions? These answers might be helpful...

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