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Do you want more connection, playfulness, teamwork, laughter, and amazing communication?

Do you want your marriage to be full of inside jokes, fun date nights, and lasting memories?

Do you want to feel seen, heard, and understood by your partner?

You're not alone...

But here's the harsh truth:

Statistics Show That Most Marriages Eventually Drift Toward Resentment, Disconnect, and Loneliness

Graph from Dr. Eli Finkel's book,

When things get less-than-ideal, some people get divorced.

But most couples end up stuck in "Roommate Syndrome."

Here Are The Symptoms of  Roommate Syndrome:

  • You've lost the "SPARK" that brought you together
  • You have the same irritating disagreements over and over again
  • You've stopped making out
  • You don't have those "DEEP" meaningful conversations like you used to. (Mostly you just talk about kids and/or logistics.)
  • You generally feel blamed and criticized instead of appreciated and respected
  • You feel like you're always "walking on eggshells" around your partner
  • You spend more time scrolling on your phone or binging Netflix than you do flirting and connecting with each other
  • Your sex life has gotten predictable, redundant, boring, or even non-existent
  • You're keeping secrets from each other
  • You are starting to have feelings of exhaustion, frustration, or resentment towards your partner

Sound familiar?

If so, don't worry because...


Let me show you:

Look at the following pictures and pick the one that could be your "Dream Home":

When you looked at each of these homes, you immediately started assessing them against your values, preferences, life circumstances, and personal taste.

You know a "Dream Home" when you see one.


If I were to give you a giant pile of building supplies and tools, do you think you'd be able to build your dream home from scratch?

Probably not!

Just because you know what your "Dream Home" looks like doesn't mean you know how to build it from scratch.

The same is true for your marriage!

You know what you're looking for in your Dream Marriage...

It probably consists of some of these things:

  • Really great conflict management skills
  • Impeccable communication
  • Deep, unshakable trust
  • Passion and growing attraction for each other
  • Lots of shared laughter and memories
  • Willingness to forgive quickly and give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • Desire to put the marriage above everything else

And just like a "Dream Home", you know a "Dream Marriage" when you see one!

But if you're like most people, you've never been given the tools, resources, blueprint, or training to create your "Dream Marriage" from scratch!

There's a HUGE difference between knowing what you want, and knowing how to turn your dream into a reality.

Introducing The Epic Marriage Club

The Epic Marriage Club is a worldwide community of hundreds of people who refuse to settle for average love.

If you want the tools, the resources, the blueprint, and a construction team to help you create the marriage of your dreams... you have found your people!

Here's how it works:

👏 The Team

The Epic Marriage Club Community is a private group of people who are passionate about creating the most epic marriage possible! This community is NOT on Facebook (Social Media is one of the #1 threats to many marriages, so I don't want you spending more time there than you have to). You can participate on the web, or via the app if you're on-the-go!

In the community, you'll find:
  • Space to connect and learn from other couples like you who are committed to creating their Dream Marriage
  • A place to ask questions anonymously and get them answered on live, monthly coaching calls so you never get "stuck"
  • Access to a repository of relationship workshops from some of the top marriage experts in the world
  • A place to celebrate your wins, and ask for tips when you need them
  • Exclusive discounts on the top marriage products, apps, and programs
  • Early access to my upcoming book as it gets written

📜 The Blueprint

The Epic Marriage Blueprint is our proprietary 4-step framework for creating a truly Epic Marriage.

In the Epic Marriage Club you get specific activities, workshops, trainings, and challenges in each phase of the blueprint that will help you strengthen your relationship.

As you follow the blueprint and you will gain the assurance that your relationship can overcome any challenge life throws at you.

🛠 The Tools

The Weekly Experiments are the power tools that we add to your toolbelt every single week.

Each Experiment is a quick, 1-2 minute practical tip that you can test out in your relationship.

The goal is to help you discover the small and simple things you can do regularly that make a huge positive impact on the quality of your marriage.

💚 The Resources

Sometimes you need the help of an expert...

Lucky for you, I know the best relationship experts in the world.

Every month we record a live expert workshop on a topic that will help you unlock your potential.

By joining the Epic Marriage Club, you get access to all past interviews and the upcoming ones as well!

💜 Bonus Resources

Interviews might give you great insights, but insights don't get you results.

That's why I've included my entire library of challenges.

Each challenge takes a principle like boundaries, desire, or communication, and breaks it down into little steps over the course of a week to help you take action on what you've learned so you can get results!

💛 More Bonus Resources

On average, couples wait 6 years after experiencing something that makes their marriage miserable before seeking support.

There's no waiting in the Epic Marriage Club.

Every month I do a Q&A call to help you craft a plan to deal with any issues that come up.

There's never a reason to stay "stuck" in the Epic Marriage Club.

And one year of access costs less than 2 therapy appointments!


Why You Should Join


You'll have the tools you need to overcome future problems faster than you ever would trying to figure it out on your own.


The average cost of couples therapy is $2k-$4k for 12 sessions. The Epic Marriage Club can literally save you thousands.


Don't go it alone! Epic Marriages never happen in a vacuum. The most fulfilled couples always have a community.

Is This For You?

I'm looking for people who are truly committed to their marriage.

Are you an action-taker (not just an insight-chaser/information-gatherer)? Are you committed to growth over the long term? Are you ready to take personal responsibility, even when it's hard? Are you humble and teachable? Are you willing to be vulnerable and supportive to others? Are you ready to meet people who value relationships the same way you do?

If that sounds like you, then I'd LOVE to have you join the Epic Marriage Club!

Here's how to know if you're a good match for us:

It's a match if you...

  • are committed to making your marriage the #1 priority in your life
  • are ready to finally be consistent without excuses, reasons, or justifications
  • can step outside your comfort zone and tolerate some anxiety in favor of growth
  • can admit when you've hurt your partner, and do the work to restore the relationship
  • are ready to be someone your partner can trust... who has their back, especially during the hard times
  • are prepared to open up and talk to your partner about anything, even scary stuff without it ending in a huge disagreement
  • desire a life full of amazing sex, regular laughter, and fun memories

It's not a match if you...

  • are looking for a way to blame your partner for your pain
  • are looking for someone to validate you, reassure you, or always take your side
  • want to find out how to change your partner or trick them into caring about your marriage
  • expect success to come quickly and easily. (We play the infinite game here!)
  • like to complain about your partner behind their back
  • refuse to admit when you've made a mistake, or take ownership when you've hurt someone
  • have a history of trauma or abuse, and you're looking for a replacement for therapy. (This is not a replacement for therapy!)
  • are unwilling to take responsibility. for the problems in your life.

Feel Like A Good Match?

Perfect! All you need to do to join is click here and sign up:


The cost is less than 2 therapy appointments for the full year.

And you have a 30-day money-back guarantee! Just show up, do the work for a month, and if you don't like it, or you don't feel like you're getting results, just let me know and I'll refund you 100%!

The only expectations I have for you if you join are...

1. Your marriage needs to be a priority for you. When something is a priority, it means you are willing to dedicate time, energy, attention, money, and effort towards it. If your marriage isn't a priority, please don't join.

2. You must be coachable. Being coachable means you're willing to show up, look at yourself, and make changes in the way you think and act. These trainings aren't meant to provide you with an opportunity to point out everything your partner needs to do better.

3. You must be committed. When you're committed, you don't come up with excuses. You take responsibility for the life and the relationship you have, and you take responsibility for making it better... even when you don't feel like it.

If you can agree to those 3 things, click the button below, and we'll get started!

Still Have Questions?

I get it... it's good to do your research. Here are some of the more common questions I get about the Epic Marriage Club:


Yep! You save money by signing up for a full year upfront, but if that isn't a good fit for you, there's a great month-to-month option available.


Absolutely. There's no contract here. You have a 30-day window to request a refund if it doesn't feel like a good fit. And if you don't want to renew for the next year, just let me know. There's no obligation to stay.


Yup! Part of the deal here is that if you want to retain access to these trainings and Q&A sessions, you need to be a participating part of the community.


Don't get me wrong, lots of people could get great stuff from therapy. But therapy isn't for everyone.

This is more like taking golf classes from Jack Nickalus, or doing basketball workshops with Michael Jordan... but instead of learning from the legends of sports you're learning from the legends of marriage.

So, if you want a little training from the very best...

Or, if you want someone to hold you accountable...

Or a cool community of people who want the same kind of marriage you do...

The Epic Marriage club is PERFECT for you.

If your marriage is in crisis, you should definitely seek out the help of a professional marriage counselor.

(The Epic Marriage Club can also be a great supplement to therapy, but it's not a replacement for it.)



The smartest people develop skills and tools BEFORE they need them!

If you want to how to be a ridiculously awesome partner when the right person comes along, please come hang out with us!


If you join the Epic Marriage Experiment and don't find value in it within the first month (30 days), not only do I not deserve your money... I don't want it. I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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What People Are Saying

"Thank you!!!!! For the zillions of emails with marriage club access. We are going through a crazy time in our marriage (husband just had major surgery, my mother-in-law has moved in, I am suddenly in charge of our business), BUT all the skills I have learned from you are helping me so much to get through it."

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"It's scary how you seem to know exactly what we need in our relationship each week... do you do that?! But thanks especially for this week's email. It helped me realize that I need to be a better praiser in our relationship."

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"Your work open my eyes and made me realize the power I can have in a relationship. Hoping there is someone out there for me that will be a better match and we can grow together all the way to the future.

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"I joined your epic marriage club right after our call and I've already watched a bunch of videos

This is exactly what I needed, but exactly!!"

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"I have really enjoyed all of the content that I have interacted with and everything I put into use has really benefited us... The benefits have extended well beyond my marriage and have spilled over to friends.  Just discussing some of the things I learned seemed to inspire my friends to look at their marriages and relationships differently."

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"Thank you for helping one marriage at a time. You changed my life and I am blessed because of what you are doing. 

I will never stop thanking you because with all my heart, I believe your God sent! Family is the purpose for living and you care to make the world better by strengthening marriages. You’re so good at it! 

Epic Marriage Club Customer

"All I can say is W🤩W...powerful stuff!!!!! There is so much that I didn’t realize I could do, say, think, and overall improve as not only a wife and mom, but be a better human. I’m reaching new heights. The work and experiments are a daily work and I’m continuing to let it sink in... and little by little there is change in myself and my partner, for the good.

Things are really changing for the better. Still lots to work on, but these are “new running shoes,” so that I can enjoy the “marriage race” a bit better, this time around.

Epic Marriage Club Customer

I want to thank you for the hope, insights, candidness, resources, knowledge & generous time you give to bettering marriages & lives! You’ve inspired me many times. You’ve answered many prayers & led me to some invaluable resources that have helped heal wounds in my marriage that I wasn’t sure we’d ever be able to fix. I credit you for the role you have played in helping to restore our marriage to the peaceful, progressing, fun, happy relationship it is now. Seriously, can’t thank you enough!

Epic Marriage Club Customer