Hi! I'm Nate

Back in 2012 I was a very jaded, discouraged, single man.

I wanted to be madly in love... 

I was trying hard to make relationship after relationship work...

But the harsh truth was... I was absolutely terrible at romantic relationships.

So I did something crazy.

I quit my job, teamed up with my friend Melissa, and spent several months driving across the United States to interview couples who were madly in love.

I wanted to figure out what they were doing right, and what I was doing wrong.

And as I found answers to my questions, I realized there were countless people (like you) who had the same question I did.

"What do I have to do, and who do I have to become to have a truly epic marriage?"

Now, I've dedicated my life to ridding the world of mediocre love.

The Epic Marriage Club

Since going on that crazy journey, I've started a podcast, given a TEDx talk, I've gotten married! (And it's freaking awesome!)

And most importantly, I've discovered the Epic Marriage Blueprint.

This blueprint outlines the principles, mindsets, and tools that the most deeply fulfilled, and blissfully happy couples embody (whether consciously or unconsciously).

Everything I teach in the Epic Marriage Club, on my YouTube Channel, or from the stage revolves around this simple, 4-part framework.

You can learn more about it here:

Everything You Need To Build The Marriage Of Your Dreams

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